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Cosmic Riders-Revue de presse et chroniques déjantés-Mars Avril 2010

par lou 15 Avril 2010, 09:34

Cosmic Riders

Revue de presse et chroniques délirantes


Dead Flowers

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_xVWY4ImvZIk/SI3jC3e70sI/AAAAAAAAAH4/TH_UPWxD6xk/s320/DeadFlowersMoontan-cover.jpgIl s'agit là de leur second album. Le premier "Smell the fragrance" est moins intéressant je trouve, moins personnel, les influences "classiques" Hendrix en tête sont trop marquées. Le troisième et dernier album "Altered State Circus" est lui aussi fantastique, le virage abordé sur Moontan vers une musique plus électronique, on pense à la trance, est encore accentué. D'ailleurs, j'en profite pour lancer un appel. Je recherche ce vinyle (Altered State Circus) désespérément depuis un bon moment. Si vous le voyez quelque part, faites-moi signe!

A cette époque, la techno, la trance, l'ambient démarraient en Angleterre et pas mal de groupes psyché tendance "festi-bands", travellers s'y adonnèrent avec plus ou moins de réussite, voir Astralasia, Eat Static (issus de chez Ozric), Treatment, Suns Of Arqa, Global, ou Steve Hillage et son System 7. Tous ceux qui passèrent (et passent encore pour certains) dans les fameuses soirées du Whirl Y Gig qui existe depuis 1981 !


"A swirling, trancey fusion of Hawkwind, Hendrix, Loop and Ash Ra Tempel comes somewhere close to describing the psychedelic sounds on 'Moontan', the second Dead Flowers album realeased in 1993 on Mystic Stones records. All tracks have a hypnotic quality to them, ranging from the monster spliff-riffs and snarling vocals of 'Chocolate Staircase' and 'Feed It' to the beautifully spaced-out guitar, flute and percussion of 'Gaia's Love Hole'. This is far-out psych at its finest."


 Slow Burn



The Suns Of Arqa

The Suns Of Arqa existe depuis 1979, et... ils semblent bien être une troupe de beaux illuminés. Voici ce que l'on peut lire en introduction de leur site :

"Suns of Arqa creator and mentor Michael Wadada has been continuously investigating the supernatural potential hidden in the Classical Raga structure of the music of India. His mission – to mix the cerebral and illusive cosmological vibrations of Raga, with the mother earth rhythms of Niyabinghi drumming that were surfacing in England in the guise of Dub Reggae.
In 1979 Wadada set about recording the ground breaking Suns of Arqa album 'Revenge of the Mozabites' with his friend Adrian Sherwood. Together they formed the ‘4D Rhythm’ label – the world was not ready! Wadada retreated to the Pennine mountain range in Lancashire, Adrian Sherwood went on to create the formidable ‘On-U Sound’ label. Three years went by before a a very curious Peter Gabriel came across a rare copy of that first Suns of Arqa album; he was putting together the very first World of Music and Dance festival (WOMAD), and asked Suns of Arqa to come and perform.

Manchester was the ideal melting pot for Wadada to form the first Suns of Arqa live band. At the same time the Belgian label ‘Antler Subway’ released the LP ‘Wadada Magic’; both this and ‘Revenge of the Mozabites’ are now available on one album – ‘Arqaology’ ARKA 2105CD".



Quoi qu'il en soit, leur musique est vraiment délicieuse, mêlant allègrement Electro,Ragas, et Dub.

"As the Sun’s continue to shine, Wadada is currently working on a new album ‘Cosmic Jugalbandi’ (Arka 22115) produced by John Leckie at Real World Studios in Witshire. This features his favourite band of Indian Musicians – Ragunath Seth on Bamboo Flute, Johar Ali on Violin, Shahbaz Hussain on Tablas and Kadir Durvesh on Shenhai."

Un concert à Paris en 2006. Ca donne envie d'y être.

À écouter quand même avant de conclure un peu hâtivement qu'il ne s'agit là que d'un groupe de techno-world-machin à la con... je dis juste ça parce que je sais bien que ce mot honni en fait frissonner beaucoup ! (CF interview de ANO).




Pipe, The Roar, The Grid


Le groupe se forme en 1969. Le Line up du groupe est assez difficile à cerner, mais en gros la base est composée de Rod Goodway (Artwoods, White Rabbit, JP Sunshine, Rustic Hinge), Adrian Shaw (plus tard chez Hawkwind), Android Funnel (Rustic Hinge)... et ils n'ont jamais enregistré de disque!!!! Vous allez un peu comprendre pourquoi plus tard.
"The Pipe, The Roar, The Grid" est sorti en 88 , compilation de prises studio ou Live.
Le groupe s'arrête en 1973.

En 1991 Magic Muscle MkII voit le jour. Le groupe est alors composé de Adrian Shaw, Simon House, Rod Goodway, Steve Broughton et Nick Saloman (Bevis Frond) pas mal quoi !!Une petite compil de quelques infos, anecdotes choppé ça et là : Dans une interview de Rod Goodway pour Psychotropic Zone :

MM : How did you manage to survive?

RR : Mainly by signing on the dole, and the support of local dealers.

Le ton est donné d'emblée non ?


Ils ont joué au festival de Glastonbury en 71, le fameux, avec la pyramide et cette programmation tout simplement hallucinante (à tous les sens du terme), mais ne figurent pas sur le film qui y fut tourné. Rod Goodway a une théorie là-dessus. D'après ce que j'ai pu comprendre, c'est assez surréaliste, mais en gros l'histoire est celle-là :
Il se trouve que pendant le show des Magic Muscle, un groupe composé d'une fille et de deux gars, entièrement nus et recouverts de boue, ainsi qu'un chien, c'est pointé juste devant la scène et ils ont commencé à ... baiser, en rythme... Pour couronner le tout, Android Funnel (membre du groupe, mais apparemment absent de la scène à ce moment, cherchez pas à comprendre...) explique qu'il a bien vu que l'équipe de tournage filmait, mais qu'à un moment, alors que le groupe jouait devant l'autre groupe se contorsionnant... derrière ceux-ci, côté backstage... passa deux nonnes !!!

"that was the tops of it all it was just too bizarre for words"

Bizarrement, la prestation des Magic Muscle semble avoir été coupée au montage.
Il leur est aussi arrivé de participer lors de certains festivals à des MagicPinkWind jams. Soit les membres valides de Magic Muscle - Pink Fairies - Hawkwind histoire de pouvoir assurer un minimum de show quand aucun des trois groupes n'était capable de s'aligner au complet sur scène !!!

" It was to be the first of many. At some notorious gatherings, there would be MagicPinkWind jams, meaning that when some members were unable to play (for obvious reasons) whoever could still stand up and hold an instrument would get up on the stage and play. An article of the period reads "Within a few minutes, Magic Muscle were getting themselves together, a pause, then - boom, everything came off the ground. All this, as well as the Pink Fairies, who kept the whole thing together with some updated "golden oldies", and Hawkwind (sic), with a brainshattering non-stop performance which left me totally exhausted. Plus a fire eater, and a slightly gymnastic male and female acrobatic team, apples and oranges, and homemade cake passed round to refurbish the energy gaps". The cake on that occasion was "a hell of a lot of hash plus acid icing; the little silver balls, they were microdots".
Ils deviennent ensuite très copains avec Hawkwind, Simon House joue avec le groupe. Adrian Shaw membre des MM jouera plus tard dans Hawkwind.
Et ils assurent (façon de parler) la première partie du groupe sur le Space Ritual Tour.
Ils joueront aussi au second festival de Nothing Hill avec les Deviants ainsi qu'au Pink Fairies Christmas Party au Roundhouse avec the Flamin' Groovies, Chilli Willy And The Red

Hot Peppers, Twink, et Mick Farren & The Deviants.

Les tournées devaient être relativement épuisantes...

Adrian Shaw : "I did a great deal of acid, amongst many other things! When I was in Magic Muscle we had a little gig ritual of some acid, speed and a huge hash-pipe, we wouldn't go on stage without this cocktail. Of course it didn't help that at that time we were doing the Space Ritual tour with Hawkwind and kept getting bust by various local police forces who always thought we were Hawkwind."

Rod Goodway : "Our drug diet at most gigs (and we did a lot) consisted of half a tab of acid and a blast (or 3) on our infamous water pipe, The Boschburger. This sounds like some kind of ‘drug-addled boast’ but I swear it’strue. Ade & I would often fancy a hit of speed as well, “to keep it all together, man“, but this was frowned on by the rest of the crew, who (apart from LSD) were more into the organic – only scene, (a similar policy existed in the Hawkwind camp) but we managed various ways of smuggling some form of ‘upper’ into our systems, mainly because we had reel-to-reel tape-recordings of most of our gigs and the BEST gigs (when we had played at our peak) was when Ade and I had been speeding!! Of course, only Ade and I usually knew this, due to the secrecy. But if Ade and I didn’t ‘drive’ the band it just seemed to ‘noodle’ and fizzle-out. At one gig, we even bought an asthma inhaler (because it contained amphetamine) and chewed the drug-soaked cotton wool within, just to get a hit. It tasted absolutely foul, but it worked!"




Älgarnas Trädgård

(Le Jardin des Elans)

Un des nombreux groupes issus de la nébuleuse Parson Sound - Harvester - International Harvester - Trad Gras Och Stenar et le plus mélodique d'entre eux.

Deux albums à leur actif :

-Framtiden är ett svävande skepp, forankrat i forntiden en 71

-Delayed en 74


Assez proche de Amon Duul en un peu moins bordélique. Proche de par l'instrumentation très variée,

on y retrouve un peu les mêmes sonorités je trouve.

Le panel des instruments utilisé est pour le moins étendu : violins, rebec, cello, guitars, sitar, piano, zither, organ flutes, zinks, jew's harps, tablas, percussion, Moog-synthesizer & VC-3 Putney-synthesizer ...

On y retrouve tout ce que j'aime : la complexité du prog avec la folie du psychédélisme.

Voici ce qu'en disait un des musiciens du groupe :

"We have known each other since 1968, when we met in our home neighborhood Västra Frölunda, Gothenburg. We listened to everything; Perotinus heavenly choirs from the 13th century, Messien's heavy works for orchestra, Beefheart's Safe as Milk, with it's surreal lyrics, King Crimson's endless string of chords, the beautiful acoustic Third Ear Band, Terry Riley's minimalism and above all the psychedelic music of early Pink Floyd. Sometimes we played our 'dägga-däng-music', crazy rhythmical plays with acoustic guitars and hysterical giggles. Sometimes we just sat and listened to the sounds slowly disappearing into space ... We experimented with getting strange sounds out of our instruments, started to use amplifiers and played with echoes ... We constantly expanded our possibilities to get new sounds, with organs, mouth harps and pedals ... We got our hands on the first Moog module system that just about had reached Sweden. We mixed Middle Age instruments such as zinks and rebecs, sound effects, church bells, fragments of both Bach and The Beatles and improvised our way through the first album."

For those versed in Swedish musical history Algarnas Tradgard (Garden of the Elks), is the Holy Grail of psychedelic enchantment, the mother load of all mother loads, holding court to the same company as Ash Ra Tempel's first self titled effort. This is an album that transcends time as we know it, transporting the listener to an unknown far distant past; a bridge to the infinite edge of the universe. If one can imagine a conglomeration of Ash Ra Tempel’s guitar based induced trance out, Tangerine Dreams electronic hypnotic supremacy, and Gong’s organically gathered mayhem, throwing in a touch of chant, cellos and sound affects and you have a perfectly good excuse to lock the doors, turn up the sound and travel upstream to fields of mind expanding effervescence, evoking ancient excavations into angelic worlds of ancestors long since departed for pastures of plenty. - Mark Gaines [July 2002].






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